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We currently have three bowls teams, one in the Chadderton League and two in the Failsworth League.


We also have two Veterans bowling teams that play in the Oldham Vets League.


Chadderton Bowls League

Monday 6th April - Moorside Cricket B (H)

Monday 13th April - Dunwood B (A)

Monday 20th April - Dobross A (H)

Monday 27th April - Staly Recs B (H)

Monday 4th May - Uppermill A (A)

Monday 18th May - Tonge (H)

Monday 25th - Saddleworth Cricket (A)

Monday 8th June - British Aerospace (H)

Monday 15th June - North Chadderton A (A)

Monday 22nd June - Moorside Cricket B (A)

Monday 6th July - Dunwood B (H)

Monday 13th July - Dobcross A (A)

Monday 20th July - Staly Recs B (A)

Monday 3rd August - Uppermill A (H)

Monday 10th August - Tonge (A)

Monday 17th August - Saddlewoth Cricket (H)

Monday 24th August - British Aerospace (A)

Monday 31st August - North Chadderton A (H)

Failsworth A

Wednesday 15th April - Newton Heath WMC (H)

Wednesday 22nd April - Springhead Libs B (A)

Wednesday 29th April - Duckinfield Central (H)

Wednesday 6th May - North Chad Social B (A)

Wednesday 20th May - Moorside C and  B C (H)

Wednesday 27th May - Dobcross (A)

Wednesday 10th June - Chadderton Cot (H)

Wednesday 17th June - O.R.U Pheonix (A)

Wednesday 24th June - Star B C (H)

Wednesday 8th July - Newton Heath WMC (A)

Wednesday 15th July - Springhead Libs B (H)

Wednesday 29th July - North Chad Social B (A)

Wednesday 5th August - Moorside C and B C (A)

Wednesday 19th August - Chadderton Cot (A)

Wednesday 26th August - O.R.U Pheonix (H)

Wednesday 2nd September - Star B C (A)

Wednesday 9th September - Dobcross (H)

Wednesday 16th September - Duckinfield Central (A) 

Failsworth B

Wednesday 15th April - Shaw Comrades B (A)

Wednesday 22nd April - Spingbank B (H)

Wednesday 29th April - Friezland L & H (A)

Wednesday 6th May - West End (H)

Wednesday 20th May - Nimble Nook B (A)

Wednesday 27th May - Shaw Comrades A (H)

Wednesday 17th June - Hollinwood Cricket B (H)

Wednesday 24th June - O.R.U.F.C. B C (A)

Wednesday 8th July - Shaw Comrades B (H)

Wednesday 15th July - Springbank (A)

Wednesday 29th July - West End (A)

Wednesday 5th August - Nimble Nook B (H)

Wednesday 26th August - Hollinwood Cricket B (A)

Wednesday 2nd September - O.R.U.F.C B C (H)

Wednesday 9th September - Shaw Comrades A (A)

Wednesday 16th September - Friezland L & H (H) 

Oldham Vets A

Thursday 16th April - North Chadderton SC B (A)

Thursday 23rd April - Royton Park A (H)

Thursday 30th April - Delph B (A)

Thursday 7th May - St Georges Square B (H)

Thursday 14th May - Springhead Libs B (A)

Thursday 21st May - Nimble Nook A (H)

Thursday 28th May- Werneth Park (A)

Thursday 4th June - Copster Park (H)

Thursday 11th June - Norden (A)

Thursday 18th June - Dunwood Park B (H)

Thursday 25th June - Friezland B (A)

Thursday 2nd July - North Chadderton SC B (H)

Thursday 9th July - Royton Park A (A)

Thursday 16th July - Delph B (H)

Thursday 23rd July - St Georges Square B (A)

Thursday 30th July - Springhead Libs B (A)

Thursday 6th August - Nimble Nook A (A)

Thursday 13th August - Werneth Park (H)

Thursday 20th August - Copster Park (A)

Thursday 27th - Norden (H)

Thursday 3rd September - Dunwood Park B (A)

Thursday 10th September - Friezland B (H) 

Oldham Vets B

Thursday 23rd April - Higher Failsworth Park A (A)

Thursday 30th April - Chadderton Hall Park B (H)

Thursday 7th May - Uppermill B (A)

Thursday 14th May - Brookdale Park B (H)

Thursday 21st May - Westwood Park (A)

Thursday 28th May - Higher Failsworth Park B (H) 

Thursday 4th June - Friezland (L&H) (A)

Thursday 11th June - Coalshaw Green Park (H)

Thursday 18th June - Fitton Park

Thursday 9th July - Higher Failsworth Park A (H)

Thursday 16th July - Chadderton Hall Park B (A)

Thursday 23rd July - Uppermill B (H)

Thursday 30th July - Brookdale Park B (A)

Thursday 6th August - Westwood Park (H)

Thursday 13th August - Higher Failsworth Park B (H)

Thursday 20th August - Friezland (L&H) (H)

Thursday 27th August - Coalshaw Green Park (A)

Thursday 3rd September - Fitton Park


We currently have three table tennis sides that play in the Oldham Table Tennis League.

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